About AppDynamics

AppDynamics is an application performance monitoring solution that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide real-time visibility and insight into IT environments. With our unique AIOps solution, you can take the right action at exactly the right time with automated anomaly detection, rapid root-cause analysis, and a unified view of your entire application ecosystem, including private and public clouds. Using AppDynamics, you’ll finally align IT, DevOps, and the business around the information that helps you protect your bottom line and deliver flawless customer experiences at scale.

AppDynamics and Contentsquare

AppDynamics Browser Real user Monitoring is an essential tool to collect and report on error events that may cause user experience issues. These error events can be appended with Contentsquare session replay links that aid in the rapid identification and remediation of these issues.


Through this integration, Contentsquare shows you exactly what a user was doing before and during an error occurrence, so that you can remediate issues quickly and with the complete picture. Dramatically reduce the time-to-repair of system errors by linking to your impacted users' exact session. Further, with a single click, quantify the revenue loss that each issue is causing across your digital experience.  


  • Access Contentsquare Session Replay Link within AppDynamics

Use cases

  • Prioritize the issues that matter the most

    Combine technical data from AppDynamics with the behavioral data surfaced from Contentsquare to uncover and prioritize the issues that have the greatest impact on your customer experience and revenue. Quantify how many visitors were impacted and the impact the issue is having on revenue. Separate outliers from the common issues that should be addressed quickly.

  • Reduce time-to-fix and speed up time to resolution

    Provide your engineering team with the ability to visualize the root cause of customer-impacting issues, without having to spend countless cycles trying to recreate the issue.

  • Identify the root cause of customer struggle

    Investigate the struggle you see visitors experiencing in session replays by connecting the dots to AppDynamics, digging deeper into the error causing the issue, and passing AppDynamics information and the session replay to your technical teams to resolve.